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Upcoming Public Recitals and Concerts


Details of the upcoming events from Bangor University can be found at:
Which include details of BU Concert Band, Bangor University Opera, including 2nd and 3rd year performance student recitals!
ALL events are open to the PUBLIC!

More details at the Bangor University Music Page: https://www.bangor.ac.uk/music/events



New Committee 2016/17

Congratulations to the newly elected committee for 2016-17! The roles are as follows:

Chairperson: Charlotte Danford

Secretary: Ellen Stokes

Treasurer: Phoebe Wright

Orchestral Director: Ian Maynard

Choral Director: James Jarvis

Publicity and Events Officers: Zach Reading and Polly Davis

Social Secretaries:  Alexander Winberg and Joe Gordon-Potts

Librarians: Sam Jones and Emily Stevenson

Stage Manager: Faye Dearnaley

Welsh Representative: Esyllt Jones

First Year Representative: To be appointed at the GM in October

Final Midweek Matinee!

If you would like to perform in the last Monthly Midweek Matinee of the year, contact Zach Reading or Katie Hughes on Facebook, or via publicity.events@bumusoc.co.uk

Date: 27th April

Time: 3:15pm

Location: Powis Hall

Come along to support your fellow friends and everyone gets free sweets for attending! Hope to see you there! Have a lovely Easter!

New Committee!!

Congratulations to the newly elected committee for 2015-16! The roles are as follows:

Chairperson: Emily Knowles

Secretary: Ellen Stokes

Treasurer: Sam Hunt

Orchestral Director: Callum Wilson

Choral Director: Phoebe Wright

Publicity and Events Officers: Zach Reading and Katie Hughes

Social Secretaries: James Cameron and James Jarvis

Librarians: Tom Lazell and Charlotte Alexander

Stage Manager: Emily Barre

Welsh Representative: Catherine Jones

First Year Representative: Daniel Fay

Gala Concert

Well done everyone who performed in the Gala Concert last night! Good luck to everyone who will be leaving us, and we look forward to seeing you very soon! To everyone else we hope to see you again in September… keep your eyes open for details of what will be going on freshers’ week!

A Message from Lucy Wilkins (Chairperson)

I’d just like to thank you all for being truly wonderful this year! All of our concerts have been amazing and all of our socials and events were fantastic 🙂 I hope that you have a fantastic year next year under the new committee!

A Message from Jack (Orchestral Conductor) 

Thank you for an excellent year, I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have. It’s been an absolute pleasure and an honour to have taken on this role and it’s gained me valuable experience for (hopefully not so!) later life. A lot of people have approached me to say that this year has been the best they have seen the Music Society so thank you to everyone who has taken part and played, I couldn’t have agreed with them more. Special thanks to those who have attended every rehearsal and those who have stepped in to help out when it’s been needed. Hope you’ve all had fun playing, and I hope I haven’t tried to broaden your musical interests too much!

A Message from Owen Burton (Choral Conductor)

Well done, all! Thank you, choir, for such a brilliant year – I’ve really enjoyed it! Many thanks to Jack Shaw and Eleanor Lighton for accompanying so brilliantly all year, and I hope you’ll join me in wishing all the best to Tom Lazell who will be taking over next academic year. Well done, once again!


Well done everyone! It was fantastic evening of glorious music making!

Music Society Annual Dinner 2014



Friday 23rd May 2014 was this years Music Society Annual Dinner! Our social secretary, Robyn Masson, did a fantastic job and we all had a truly fantastic time!

This year, the theme was a Masquerade Ball and the dinner was held at Chateau Rhianfa on Anglesey, a wonderfully stunning venue. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner and dancing in the main banqueting hall to music from the Ridgeways.

Our guest speaker this year was music lecturer, Owain Llwyd, who delivered a brilliant speech in the games room.



We had plenty of awards to hand out at the dinner – congratulations to all the lovely winners!

We had several serious awards:

Most Committeed Non-Committee Member:
1st Year – Faye Dearnaley
2nd Year – Emily Knowles
3rd Year – Ashley Hall
Postgrad – Ellie Lighton

Orchestra Outstanding Member – Maddie Chitty
Choir Outstanding Member – Robert Haley
(Both of these were chosen by the conductors!)

Little Ray of Sunshine – Tom Lazell

Alongside these wonderful awards we also gave out several funny awards as well!

Mr Bump Award – Hephzi Leafe
Grumpy Old Man Award – Jonathan Roberts
Mr and Mrs Musoc – Jack Shaw and Emily Knowles
Better Luck Next Time – Xavier Lo
Best Regional Accent – Meg Booth
Rear of the Year – Fran Reader

Well done everyone!

I also wanted to give a massive thank you to all of the wonderful committee members this year! Thank you for all of your hard work everyone 🙂



What a truly fantastic evening! Thank you to Robyn for all the wonderful organising that she did 🙂

New Committee Announced for 2014-15

On Thursday 8th May the Music Society held their Annual General Meeting. Along with speeches from the chairperson (Lucy Wilkins) and treasurer (Cat Linney) and a brief run-down of our new constitution from secretary, Heather Clark, we listened to various candidates who were running for committee positions next year.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who ran for a position!

The new committee for the 2014-15 season is as follows:

Chairperson – Hephzibah Leafe
Treasurer – Emma Hembry
Secretary – Ian Maynard
Orchestral Director – Owen Burton
Choral Director – Tom Lazell
Stage Manager – Faye Dearnaley
Social Secretaries – Maddie Towell and Jess Thompson
Publicity and Events Officers – Rob Jones and Jordan McDermott
Librarians – Amy Moore and Charlotte Alexander
Non-Music Rep – Alison Jones
Welsh Rep – Heledd Besent

(The new first year rep will be decided in October’s General Meeting)

Thank you to everyone who ran for a position (please run again next year if you were unsuccessful!) and congratulations to the new committee!

Music Society Choir at RAG Harry Potter Feast



On Friday 21st February the Music Society was invited to perform at the RAG Harry Potter Feast in PJ Hall. We sent a selection of our fantastic choir members and sang some of our new repertoire from this semester including: Sleep – Eric Whitacre, My Sweetheart Likes Venus and Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Photo Credit – Samantha Emery

Congratulations New Conductors

After a week of auditions and voting the Music Society has appointed two new conductors for the 2014/15 academic year.
The Society would like to thank all members who voted and, of course, all of those that auditioned. We only wish that we could have had you all!

A huge congratulations to our newly appointed conductors:

Choral Conductor 2014/15: Tom Lazell

Orchestral Conductor 2014/15: Owen Burton