Music Society Annual Dinner 2014



Friday 23rd May 2014 was this years Music Society Annual Dinner! Our social secretary, Robyn Masson, did a fantastic job and we all had a truly fantastic time!

This year, the theme was a Masquerade Ball and the dinner was held at Chateau Rhianfa on Anglesey, a wonderfully stunning venue. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner and dancing in the main banqueting hall to music from the Ridgeways.

Our guest speaker this year was music lecturer, Owain Llwyd, who delivered a brilliant speech in the games room.



We had plenty of awards to hand out at the dinner – congratulations to all the lovely winners!

We had several serious awards:

Most Committeed Non-Committee Member:
1st Year – Faye Dearnaley
2nd Year – Emily Knowles
3rd Year – Ashley Hall
Postgrad – Ellie Lighton

Orchestra Outstanding Member – Maddie Chitty
Choir Outstanding Member – Robert Haley
(Both of these were chosen by the conductors!)

Little Ray of Sunshine – Tom Lazell

Alongside these wonderful awards we also gave out several funny awards as well!

Mr Bump Award – Hephzi Leafe
Grumpy Old Man Award – Jonathan Roberts
Mr and Mrs Musoc – Jack Shaw and Emily Knowles
Better Luck Next Time – Xavier Lo
Best Regional Accent – Meg Booth
Rear of the Year – Fran Reader

Well done everyone!

I also wanted to give a massive thank you to all of the wonderful committee members this year! Thank you for all of your hard work everyone 🙂



What a truly fantastic evening! Thank you to Robyn for all the wonderful organising that she did 🙂